Maybe I should've titled this "How to Catch a Lucky Break"

So I occasionally like a stupid gamble. I do not advise it but I'm not a clever man when I've had a drink! I put £20 into my online betting account and placed it on number 6. My sister's lucky number. The roulette wheel spun slowly, agonisingly, until that little metal ball bounced and dropped into the 6 slot. I had won £720! Bloody brilliant. I cashed out and went to find my mate Stephen to celebrate my win!

"Congrats mate" Stephen said as we toasted our beers. "Got any plans for that cash?"

A lightbulb went off in my head. "Actually, how would you and Jenn fancy being a model couple if I sort flights out? Was thinking we could fly to the Italian Alps, and I could shoot you surrounded by those mountain peaks. Could be epic!"

Stephen loved the idea and ran it by Jenn, who was immediately on board. So I booked us flights from Newcastle to Milan, rented a Ford Focus, and a week later we rolled up to the posh ski village of Cervinia, Italy. I'll never forget cresting that last peak in the drive and seeing the legendary Matterhorn jutting into the clouds. It was unreal...

Luckily before leaving home, I had reached out to Bridal Wish Blagdon who loaned me a gorgeous Ivory Dress for Jenn to wear. And Stephen borrowed a sharp Navy Tuxedo from Hotspur 1364. We wanted to do this right. Once dressed to impress, we rode the cable car up to Plan Maison overlooking the epic Matterhorn. The Cervino Ski Paradise runs the lift and has a restaurant up top which gave us an operating base. We shot for a couple hours, racing against the fading evening light. I fired off shots of Stephen embracing Jenn on the precipice, framing epic mountainscapes behind. They kissed on the mountain edges with icy peaks rising dramatically above. As the last light fell behind the iconic Matterhorn ridge, we packed up our gear and headed back down the mountain, ready to warm up with some vino. Hungover skiing was not the best plan I've ever had but it was an amazing time regardless.

On our final day we figured we might as well use the time appropriately and get some extra bits. So we drove over to the frozen Lago Blu for some pickups. But unfortunately the "Blue Lake" was less blue and more...frozen. Still, the icy white expanse contrasted dramatically with the peaks behind. Jenn slipped back into her gown and Stephen tightened his bow tie. I felt heartly sorry for them donning this gear in -10°c. We made the most of it and did a champagne spray against the Icy Tundras. Even finished off the day with a snow ball fight. Before I froze my friends to death, we headed back to warm up, make food and get packed for our return trip.

When all was said and done I walked away with an epic portfolio and memories for a lifetime. Who would've thought a lucky spin and my sister's favorite number would launch me into mountain adventure wedding photography? Just goes to show you never know where this crazy world will lead when you throw caution to the wind and run with inspiration. Still though, I should probably buy a lottery ticket just in case Lady Luck wants to strike twice!