Proper Job Photo

Proper Job Photography came about after watching a Peter McKinnon video where he was talking about bringing your interests together and making a career out of it. I've always loved music and obviously photography is a major passion of mine so this should have been an obvious progression.

Now I get to shoot some of the North Easts great emerging talent with the dream of capturing the next Sam Fender. Newcastles music scene holds a place in my heart and seeing the talent that comes from our little corner of the country never fails to impress me. We also have some excellent venues with great opportunities for unique photos.

This has really revived my passion for photography across the board. The feeling of being on stage with a band capturing some beautiful shots is absolutely electric. I've walked away from gigs on cloud 9 and can't wait to see where this new found passion will take me.

Anyone in the arts scene has probably been told to "Get a Proper Job" before at some point in their career. Well... Here I am. If you need some fresh photos/marketing materal/social media content, just drop me a message - @properjobphoto