All you need to know about Shotton Grange

The first step (after celebrating your newly engaged status, of course!) will likely be to find your event space. 

If you've dreamt of your wedding day since you were 5 or you've just gotten engaged, finding your wedding venue will likely be the first step.

Planning a wedding can be stressful, especially when it comes to finding a venue. It's important not only to choose a perfect location but also to ensure that your fiancé will love it as much as you do and it must suit your style and budget, as well as be available for the desired wedding date.

About Shotton Grange

Shotton Grange is a historic Georgian manor that was transformed into a private wedding venue just recently. Located just 5 miles outside Newcastle upon Tyne, this three-day wedding venue nestles within six acres of grand country gardens and beautifully landscaped grounds. 

Unlike many other wedding venues, here you can accommodate up to 20 wedding guests and the accommodation is included in your package price. At Shotton Grange, 110 guests can be accommodated during the day, and 90 extra guests can be accommodated at night. The beautiful Coach House or the Walled Gardens are perfect places for ceremonies.

In addition to the bridal suite with private dressing room, the property also has an adjacent cottage and eight individually decorated rooms.

The Master of Ceremonies will help you organize your wedding and you can enjoy multiple reception areas following your ceremony. On the morning after your celebration, 22 people can stay over and eat a traditional cooked breakfast together.

Walking trails are available at Northumberlandia, a landform sculpture nearby. The Newcastle upon Tyne area is also home to golf clubs and country parks, as well as the Life Science Centre. Getting to the venue is less than 15 minutes from Newcastle International Airport.

Shotton Grange has the following features:

  • Exclusive access
  • Wedding experiences of 1-3 days
  • Catering in-house
  • Outdoor events
  • Accommodations on-site
  • Pet-friendly

Why People Choose Shotton Grange

  • Well-prepared

Details make a wedding a success. Planning a wedding is no easy task, so it is best to have a system in place that makes sure everything goes smoothly. And we have a plan for contingencies too. We won't leave you out in the rain or cold. 

  • Passion

Celebrating with family and friends is important to us, and we enjoy helping you celebrate them. Tell us what makes you happy!

  • Flexibility

Wedding planners today must be flexible and able to provide services quickly along with being able to change direction quickly, as budgets and lead times have shrunk. The needs of every wedding are unique. We accommodate those needs accordingly.

  • Calm

Planning a wedding isn't for those who are easily stressed. It is our responsibility to guide and set the tone for the wedding for clients, vendors, and attendees. Despite adversity, we can stay calm and smile while quickly resolving things to make the wedding as perfect as possible.

  • We understand your vision

Being able to envision how all the elements of your wedding come together is essential for wedding planning. And it starts long before the big day. In the end, you need to have a vision that will deliver on what you would like and expect.

  • Attentiveness

In the role of a wedding planner, you must be able to track the details of a wedding as well as notice when things start to change. These changes in one area can affect the rest of the wedding. You or your family members will not have to worry about any of that since we can take care of all that for you.

  • We listen

Wedding planners realize that achieving your goals and providing your guests with the best experience are ultimately the goals of a wedding. We listen to your dreams and help make them come true. 

  • You're the centre of attention 

Wedding planners who know their stuff understand that the wedding is not about them, their needs, or ego but it is about the couple, the guests, and giving them the best wedding experience possible. By keeping out of the spotlight, you can make the most of your wedding.

  • Beautiful views

The privilege of living and celebrating our family and friends in our beautiful venue has been our aim. Our goal is for you to join us in this celebration of family and friends. 

  • Experience

With our many years of planning experience, we can assist you with your wedding. You can rest assured that we are professionals.

  • We are staffed

Whenever you need assistance, we have staff that is on hand to help. We will assist you with every aspect of your wedding, from planning to the day of the event. Our goal is to make your special day as enjoyable as possible!

  • Insured and licensed

Some venues are not licensed or insured! Our facility is one of only a few that is licensed and insured. All of our facilities are ADA compliant, handicap accessible, and up to code. When you celebrate with us, you and your guests will be in safe hands. As for your wedding day, you can be sure that we will still be open.

FAQs on Picking a Wedding Venue

Should you book your venue early? 

It is generally a good idea to book your wedding venue a year to nine months in advance. Looking a little over a year in advance might be a good idea if your dates aren't flexible. Finding the perfect wedding venue can take a few months, so you should give yourself enough time.

What is the duration of a wedding venue viewing? 

It typically takes between 30 minutes and an hour to view a wedding venue. A venue viewing can last anywhere from 10-90 minutes depending on how detailed the venue coordinator goes into it, how many questions you ask, and the size of the venue.

How many people should attend a venue viewing? 

The wedding venue viewing should be limited to a small group, aside from the obvious. Instead of having to weigh too many opinions, this will help the couple focus on what they want. In the case of someone paying for the venue, one might consider including and including them.


Often, couples find that this is the most daunting part of the process. But it does not have to be! When you choose your venue, a lot of the other vendors and pieces will start falling into place. Shotton Grange has you covered!