How to Find the Best Wedding Photographer for You

Weddings are beautiful. Although getting married is a beautiful experience, preparing for your wedding is often stressful, especially getting the best wedding photographer in North East of England.

The moment you receive your wedding photos from your photographer, you'll want to share them with your loved ones, and 50 years from now you'll remember the first kiss, the vows, and the first dance.

You should choose a wedding photographer in Northumberland who understands your vision and can capture your special day with style to capture those poignant moments. 

Since he or she will be by your side on your wedding day, you will also want someone you trust and feel comfortable with.

Why Wedding Photography Matters

One of the most important decisions you will need to make is choosing the right wedding photographer. Photographs of your wedding capture far more than the event itself. 

Taking wedding photos is a very personal experience. There is more to life than just snapping photos; you are looking for someone who can help you make memories. 

The wedding photography you choose should reflect who you are as a couple. Photographs should reflect who and what you are as well as what and who matters most to you. 

The wedding photography business has not lost its old-school traditions, but it has also diversified. Pick an approach and style that works for you as a couple.

Why you Should Hire the Best Wedding Photographer

It is important to have wedding photography because it will capture not only your special day but also your memories. You will never forget that special day because of the story it will tell. 

A story you can share with friends and family, with your children, and with your grandchildren, a story you will never forget.

Below are additional reasons why you must hire the best wedding photographer in Northumberland.

  • They're professionals

Expert photographers are more likely to take better photos than amateurs; however, hiring a specialist wedding photographer is the best choice.

A professional wedding photographer can help you get the wedding images you want. There are photographers out there who specialize in whimsical, caught-off guard photos as well.

  • They capture more than people

It is important to capture the bond between you two and the off-camera glances your guests give to one another when they are happy. 

Additionally, you'll want to think about the decorative elements of your wedding, such as table plan displays, wedding favours, or photo booth displays. You'll want to have the evidence of your wedding for years to come when you take so much time curating for it.

  • They know timings

Often, couples do not have enough time to enjoy their wedding day together or to spend as much time with their loved ones as they would like. 

The best wedding photographers will advise you on how long taking photos will take before you can enjoy the remainder of your day.

  • Their services don't stop with the wedding

A wedding photographer won't hang up the camera as soon as the lights go up on the dance floor and your guests start leaving! 

You'll need an experienced eye to look over your wedding photos after the big day and it won't take five minutes. To create an album as true to the day you remember, your photographer will be able to correct any imperfections.

Steps in Finding the Best Wedding Photographer

1. Ask people around you

Ask your friends and family for recommendations. Contact them or ask them on social media if they know anyone who does great work for weddings. 

They can help you reduce the risk of making a costly mistake. Chances are you'll be happy with her too if she did such a great job for your cousin. 

Additionally, you probably know someone passionate about photography. You might ask him for recommendations or help to find a good photographer.

2. Check out their portfolios

You might want to check out the portfolio of the photographer you wish to hire. Photographing weddings isn't all you'll be looking for. 

You will also look at their different approaches and styles. You will find your style and photographer when you find images that resonate with you.

3. Consider their style

You enjoy a variety of different styles of photography, but you may be very candid and expressive. 

Don't forget, your photographer should also be able to capture the in-between moments and excitement just as well as the planned and posed poses. 

Post-processing is another factor to consider. Do they purely process their images or do they have a more vintage, film-like appearance? If you want your photos to stand the test of time, a clean colour edit will never go out of style.

4. Speak with the photographers

You will usually receive a link to a photographer's portfolio before the first meeting. Include recent weddings that have been shot from beginning to end, not simply a highlight reel of weddings from dozens of different venues. 

You can better judge a photographer's abilities this way. Make sure to request to see your photographer's photos taken at your venue, and if he or she has, ask to see them.

5. Pick a style that fits your wedding 

A professional photographer knows how to capture every subtlety of a wedding. The photographer will know just how to capture the perfect confetti shot and what to do in case it rains. 

The most breath-taking and brilliant wedding photographs can be achieved with a creative and flexible approach.

6. Request to see complete wedding galleries 

You shouldn't be afraid to ask to see the full wedding album of a professional wedding photographer. Beware of portfolios containing only isolated photos. 

The lack of albums is a common sign of a beginner photographer. Good photographers shoot for the album. Such artists envision their album page before they take the photo. Excellent albums indicate an experienced photographer

7. Discuss the cost

Many photographers charge a flat or hourly rate, then charge a la carte for additional pictures or albums. Others take a flat fee, and then charge a la carte for additional pictures or albums. 

Several different packages are offered by many photographers at different price points in their price lists. Read the details carefully. 


Choosing the best wedding photographer in Northumberland boils down to choosing someone who embodies both your style and your personality. 

Your photographer will do a better job capturing your emotions when you have a genuine connection with them. Your photographs will be your only reminder years from now, and you'll thank yourself time and time again for investing in them.